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Rodents Away Odor Free

Odor free repellent for use in indoor spaces, including modes of transport (e.g. cabins, homes, boats, cars, tractors, trailers) where house mice are present.

Made from Natural Ingredients

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Great Success

We used your product the last 2 years in our cottage with great success!!!  We even had a neighbour that we got some for and after 40+ years of mice in their cottage, they came back last year in the spring to nothing, not 1 mouse!

Pam, Halifax, NS

Great Product

I have a 34 foot Class A Motorhome that I travel in and store for 7 months of the year. I have been using your product for years while in storage and on the road! It has kept the mice away, and out of my motorhome. Other neighbours have had problems with mice getting into their RV’s at the same place we store our motorhome. Great product!

Rita, Fraser Valley, BC

Have Not Seen a Mouse Since

I have a horse trailer with a back door that has a 1” gap.  Had a mouse that appeared in the fall and built a nest in the tack area.  I placed Rodents Away Odor Free throughout the trailer and have not seen a mouse since. I love that this product repels mice rather than killing them.

Sue, Calgary, AB

More Information

Product Details

Rodents Away Odor Free is an odorless, slow release repellent.

Ideal for use in cottages, homes, offices, cars, trucks, RVs or any other indoor space where house mice are present. Made from natural ingredients, Rodents Away Odor Free is safe for us around humans, pets and animals when used according to the label.

Each resealable bag of Rodents Away Odor Free contains 6 - 40 gram sachets.

Registration No. 33648 Pest Control Products Act

Directions for Use

Mice tend to travel along walls; therefore, sachets are best located on the floor along walls, in confined places, by gnawed openings, and on either side of entrances to rooms.

Prior to using, clean the areas where mouse activity has been observed. Remove individual cloth bags (sachets) from the plastic resealable pouch and place at approximately 3 m (10 ft) intervals throughout the areas where there is mouse activity. If mouse activity is present in a confined place, such as in a cupboard, position one sachet within each space (one per 114 L volume).

During early stages (24-48 hrs) of treatment, provide an exit/opening to allow mice the opportunity to vacate. If small holes are observed in the structure, plug or repair these openings once mouse activity has ceased to prevent further infiltration.

Check every two weeks for evidence of mouse activity or other indications of presence. Replace sachets as necessary, or if mice return.

Safety Information


Keep out of reach of children

Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.


Treat symptomatically.


Store this product away from food or feed.


DO NOT reuse the empty packaging or sachets. Dispose in household garbage.