How  To use

repelling rodents

Made from natural ingredients, Rodents Away Odor Free is an effective mouse repellent that works without the use of poisons, glue traps, or other mechanical devices that can cause injury or harm. Our product is safe for use around humans, pets and animals when used according to the label. To assist with using our product as intended and getting the full benefits, please read our tips for getting the most out of Rodents Away Odor Free.

Clean area before using

Clean areas where mouse activity is observed to remove current scent trails. Mice rely on scent trails for communicating and when you disrupt those trails, it prevents future mice from following that trail into the effected area. 


where to place sachets

For getting the most out of your Rodents Away Odor Free sachets, place them on the paths that you've witnessed mice travelling. Commonly, mice travel on the floor along walls and stay to confined spaces. Additionally, placing sachets in room entrances will also disrupt their pathways. 

It can be helpful to search for openings where mice are getting into your spaces. Especially look for gnawed or ripped openings, but don't cover these yet as over the first 24-48 hours, remaining mice will need a way to exit or vacate your space.

DO NOT Use additional scents or smells

Rodents Away Odor Free uses a formula and scent that is virtually non-detectable to humans and their pets. However, mice detest the scent and after interacting with the product, will stay far away from it. We are aware that customers might try adding Peppermint Oil or other essential oils to our product, believing they're increasing its effectiveness. When in actuality, this process goes against our instructions featured on our packaging and will greatly hinder the scientifically proven effectiveness of our product.

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how many sachets to use

Take out the sachets from their package and place one approximately every 3 Meter intervals throughout the area of observed mouse activity. If the mouse activity is in a confined space, like a cupboard or closet, position one in each space. In cases like these, we recommend using one sachet per 114 Litres of spacial volume.



For effective use in homes, look for mouse activity and place sachets near openings through floors or walls that service appliances like sinks, fridges, and furnaces. Additionally look for and place sachets near confined spaces or gnawed openings in walls. When you are trying to get rid of mice, place sachets where there is activity and opposite from entrances, but do not block entrances. Once mice have left or if you're using our product as a preventative measure, you will want to place sachets on either side of entrances or wherever mice could gain access to the room.

Due to the allure of food, mouse activity commonly occurs in kitchens. We recommend placing a sachet under the sink area or in any cabinet where there is a hole for wiring or plumbing that could lead to a crawlspace or other spaces where mice could be gaining access. Additionally, be sure to include sachets in the pantry or wherever food is stored.


Once you are no longer noticing any mouse activity, plug all the gnawed holes or openings where the mice were originally entering your spaces through. Leave the sachets to proactively prevent any further mouse activity. The sachets you've used are effective for up to six months. If in the future, you notice renewed mouse activity, replace the sachets as necessary.

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Rodents Away Odor Free is great for preventing or repelling rodent activity in many indoor settings, including office spaces. Just place sachets in corners and along walls, roughly three metres apart. For cupboards, drawers, and indoor spaces, use roughly one sachet per four cubic feet. And don’t forget around refrigerators and freezers, where food residue may linger.