Boat Protection: Rodents Away Odor Free

As boat owners know, keeping rodents away from your vessel is crucial, especially during the winter storage season. Rodents Away Odor Free provides a safe and effective solution to this common problem, repelling rodents without harmful chemicals or traps.

Here's how to use it effectively on your boat: 

Preventive Measures: Boats stored during the winter are particularly vulnerable to rodent infestations. Before applying Rodents Away Odor Free, thoroughly clean areas where mouse activity is observed. This removes existing scent trails, disrupting communication and preventing mice from re-entering.  

Strategic Placement: Place Rodents Away Odor Free sachets along paths where mice commonly travel on boats, such as along the floor, walls, and in confined spaces. Additionally, position sachets near entrances to disrupt their pathways. 

Avoid Additional Scents: Our product uses a scent that is virtually undetectable to humans and pets but repulsive to rodents. Avoid adding other scents, as this can interfere with its effectiveness. 

Determining Quantity: Use one sachet approximately every 3 meters in areas of observed mouse activity. For confined spaces, like cupboards or closets, use one sachet per 114 liters of space. 

Long-Term Protection: Once mouse activity has ceased, leave the sachets in place to proactively prevent further infestations. They remain effective for up to six months, providing lasting protection for your boat throughout the winter storage season and beyond. 

With Rodents Away Odor Free, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your boat is protected from unwanted rodent visitors, even during the winter months when they tend to seek shelter in stored vessels. Choose a safe and effective solution for keeping rodents away from your boat, and sail into the season worry-free.