Rodents Away Odor Free: Your Trusted Solution Available Across Canada

At Rodents Away Odor Free, we take pride in ensuring that our effective rodent repellent products are easily accessible across Canada. We have partnered with numerous reputable retailers and service centers to provide you with convenient access to our innovative, odor-free solutions. Whether you are preparing for a road trip in your RV, maintaining your home, or running a business, you can find Rodents Away Odor Free products at a variety of locations nationwide.

Major Retail Partners

Our products are available at several major retail chains known for their extensive selection and customer service.

RV Dealers and Service Centers

For RV owners and enthusiasts, our products are available at various RV dealers and service centers for keeping RV's mouse free in-season and in-storage.

Marine and Outdoor Equipment Retailers

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, our products are available at retailers specializing in marine and outdoor equipment as well, as equipment owners and businesses need to be aware of threat rodents pose in marine-oriented areas.

Specialized Pest Control Suppliers

We are also partnered with specialized pest control suppliers to provide targeted solutions for those supplying vast networks of pest control businesses.

Local Hardware Stores and Farm Implement and Supply Stores

Our products are available at various local hardware stores and farm supply stores across Canada, ensuring you can find an animal-safe* rodent repellent product no matter where you are. (*Animal-safe when used as directed)

Convenient Locations for You

anada, Rodents Away Odor Free is easily accessible through a wide range of trusted retailers and service centers. Our partnerships with major chains, RV dealers, marine and outdoor equipment suppliers, pest control specialists, and local hardware stores ensure that you can conveniently purchase our products to keep your home, RV, and business rodent-free.

For a complete list of locations or to find a retailer near you, please visit our Find a Retailer page here or contact us directly. Protect your property with Rodents Away Odor Free – the effective, odor-free solution you can rely on.