The Art of Rodent Repellent: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Rodents Away Odor Free

Keeping your living space rodent-free is a priority, and with Rodents Away Odor Free, it's not just about choosing the right repellent but also understanding how to use it effectively. Our natural mouse repellent is designed to work without poisons, glue traps, or mechanical devices that may pose harm. To help you harness the full potential of Rodents Away Odor Free, we've compiled a guide on how much to use and where to strategically place our sachets for maximum effectiveness.


Clean Before You Begin

To disrupt existing scent trails, it's essential to clean areas where mouse activity is observed. Mice communicate through scent trails, and by removing these trails, you prevent future mice from following the same paths. Before applying Rodents Away Odor Free, ensure a clean slate in the areas you wish to protect. 


Strategic Placement of Sachets

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Our sachets are the secret weapon against rodent intrusion. Place them on paths where you've witnessed mice traveling, focusing on areas along walls, confined spaces, and room entrances. Additionally, search for openings where mice might be entering but refrain from blocking them initially. Give remaining mice a chance to exit over the first 24-48 hours.

Determining Quantity

The effectiveness of Rodents Away Odor Free lies in the strategic placement of sachets. For an area of observed mouse activity, position one sachet approximately every 3 meters. In confined spaces like cupboards or closets, use one sachet per 114 liters of spacial volume. The goal is to create a pervasive but non-intrusive barrier that deters rodents effectively.

Using Rodents Away Odor Free in Your House

Common Use Cases

Refer to our diagrams for common use cases, including homes, RVs, cars, sheds, and more. In homes, place sachets near openings through floors or walls servicing appliances, and look for and place sachets near confined spaces or gnawed openings in walls. For kitchens, target areas under sinks, cabinets, and pantries where mice activity commonly occurs.


Once Activity Has Ceased

Once mouse activity has ceased, plug all gnawed holes or openings where mice were entering. Leave the sachets in place to proactively prevent any further mouse activity. Our sachets remain effective for up to six months. If you notice renewed mouse activity in the future, replace the sachets as necessary.

Instructional Videos for Specific Use Cases

Explore our instructional videos tailored for specific use cases such as office spaces, warehouses, and RVs and campers. These videos offer visual guidance on optimizing Rodents Away Odor Free based on your unique settings.

Rodents Away Odor Free isn't just a repellent; it's a strategic defence against rodent intrusion. By following our guidelines on how much to use and where to place our sachets, you can create an effective barrier that keeps your living space rodent-free for up to six months. For specific use cases and detailed instructions, refer to our instructional videos and diagrams, trust in the power of Rodents Away Odor Free.  

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